An Ultimate Vaporizer Review: Introducing The Top 5

Vaporizer Review

Tired of rolling poor joints that fall apart as you pass them among friends? Concerned about damage the smoke is causing to your lungs? No worries! We have a solution. We here at Stoner Movies, bring you a vaporizer review that will solve all of your marijuana consumption problems – even the ones you didn’t know you had. Read through this review and see how you can start having a better high today!


We are big advocates for the use of vaporizers as they have many wonderful advantages. One benefit of using a vaporizer is that it is smoke free. The active ingredient of in marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, turns into vapor around 365 degrees, which is much lower than the 3600 degrees of a lighter. Even of the best quality of marijuana has below 30% THC and when smoking with a lighter you are inhaling that other 70+% as a lighter combusts everything, not just THC. For this reason smoking with a vaporizer is much better for your health.


In addition to the health benefits, vaporizers provide the user with a more intense high that often lasts longer than traditional smoking devices. Using a vaporizer also produces little to no smell. This prevents snooping neighbors, parents, or others in the area from intruding on your session. Last, but certainly not least, vaporizers require much less marijuana and save much more in weed than they cost to purchase. We were able to cut our yearly costs for bud by 50% when we got our first vaporizer. This means more money for pizza, beer, and stoner movies :) - Vaporizer Review


Let The Vaporizer Review Begin

#5 Pax Vaporizer – $249

Pax Ploom Vaporizer - Vaporizer Review

Coming at number five is the Pax portable vaporizer by Ploom, this handheld marijuana vaporizer fits easily right in your pocket. Even with with its smaller size the Pax releases a dense enough vapor without burning the marijuana. Pax is powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and gives about two hours of vape time recharging within one hour. The vaporizer heats up the herb within thirty seconds and comes with three pre-programmed settings which make it extremely easy to use. While portable and relatively inexpensive the size of the vaporizer makes it somewhat troublesome to share with large groups. Perfect for a single user, Pax also comes in four different attractive colors … none of which are pink.


#4 Hot Box Vaporizer – $129 to $199

Beating out Pax for the fourth spot in our vaporizer review is the Hot Box. If you are new to vaping and don’t know a lot about settings and features, this one is perfect for you. It is a very sleek ceramic box with a smooth façade and a power switch. It is a whip, or hose, style vaporizer with a to-the-point approach that makes it the perfect entry level vaporizer. The downside to this minimalist vaporizer is that the heat-up time takes quite a while if you haven’t used the vaporizer recently. It falls behind others mentioned in this vaporizer review as its competitors have a much shorter heating time. We personally are not big fans of the whip style as it makes it difficult to pass amongst friends or pause flow while watching a stoner movie.


#3 Da Buddha Vaporizer – $189 to $199

Sitting at number three in this vaporizer review, is Da Buddha vaporizer. This zen inducing vaporizer is composed of a cylindrical body and it is very moderately priced, quite comparable to the Hot Box mentioned earlier this vaporizer review. But the downside to this vaporizer is that there is no digital display, which makes it hard for people to control the temperature. But its aluminum build and its WOW factor due to taste and quality of vapors makes it a perfect contender to be placed third on our review list. The Da Buddha also comes backed with a three year manufacturer warranty. Even with the whip, the Da Buddha’s cylindrical shape makes it far easier to pass around than the square Hot Box which has rubber feet.


#2 Da Vinci Vaporizer – $249

Da Vinci Vaporizer - Vaporizer Review

Our runner-up in this vaporizer review is another portable vaporizer called Da Vinci. The Las Vegas based manufacturer, Organicix, is infamous for its Karma e-cigarettes. This slick, curvy, and stylish vaporizer, is as beautiful as it is sturdy. It has a decent battery life compared to other vaporizers. The newest Da Vinci model includes a front facing digital display so you can dial in the perfect temperature for your herb. A downside to this vaporizer is produces more odor than other vaporizers. The warranty policy is keeping this vaporizer from the recognition it rightfully deserves, but it still makes number two on our vaporizer review list.


#1 Volcano Vaporizer – $539 to $639

(Cue drum rolls) Topping this vaporizer review, with a stellar rating and customer feedback is Volcano Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel in Germany. The Volcano product line is considered by some to have best value for every penny you spend. Known widely throughout the smoking community as the most elite and efficient vaporizer available in the market, the Volcano Vaporizers are amazingly easy to use and extremely reliable. In both their classic and digital models the bags top up within 30-40 seconds filled with exceptionally delicious vapors that beat any vaporizer by a huge margin. It comes with a three year warranty, but we assure you that you can easily use it up to a decade with no problem whatsoever. With that longevity the Volcano Vaporizer becomes one of the most worthwhile investments any regular smoker can make. You will get a cleaner high with less herb and save a great deal for years to come. Besides, we have loved our Volcano Vaporizer for many years :) - Vaporizer Review


Vaporizer Review Wrap-Up

With that note, we conclude this vaporizer review encourage you to try using one for yourself. If you have never smoked with a vaporizer we recommend asking around amongst your friends and finding one to play with. The draw of your herb is extremely smooth and the high is supremely relaxing. We want you to be watching stoner movies for years to come so make sure to look into buying one of the vaporizers above as an alternate method to smoking your herb. Even if you don’t care about your lungs a vaporizer will save you a ton of money for pizza :) - Vaporizer Review


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