Indica vs Sativa: The Difference Between Cannabis Strains

indica vs sativa difference of high

Debating over the benefits of Indiva vs Sativa are quickly becoming more prominent that the fear of being arrested for smoking in the first place. With the recent permit issued by many states for dispensaries of medical marijuana as a result years of protests held by both intellectuals and your stereotypical stoners, we finally have access to the most potent bud, legally. This has bred a new class of pot smokers looking to learn more about the bud they’re smoking.


Indica vs Sativa Compared

In this changing world it is much easier to discuss pot smoking openly. We, at, consider ourselves marijuana aficionados and would like to give you more information on the difference between the two strains, Indica vs Sativa. With each strain having different effects it is important to pair your weed and your stoner movies appropriately.


Indica Strains

Sativa vs Indica

Indica strains like ‘Northern Lights’ and ‘White Berry’ are sedatives as they contain higher levels of cannabinoids than sativas, they are used to medicate muscle spasms, insomnia, chronic pains and tremors. The best movie recommendation that comes along with your Indica Strains are films that concentrate more on cinematography. Visual marvels such as Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams or Darren Aronofsky’s The Fountain. The more vivid and colorful the movie is, the more your bud is going to channel your brain receptors to perceive emotions which might result in the viewer being end up with a box of tissues, for crying (you pervs!). We also recommend require you to medicate with indica strains in comfort of your home as they might cause dizziness and heaviness which are (like any state altering drug) dangerous if you put yourself behind the wheel. Do this great nation a favor and instead of going to your nearest 7/11 to find munchies – order a pizza, blaze, and enjoy with any of the aforementioned movies.


Sativa Strains

Indica vs Sativa

Now, moving on to our next strain of Sativa, these strains will set you running across your living room in euphoria. Common Sativa strains include ‘Haze’, ‘Trainwreck’, ‘K2’, ‘Kali Mist’, ‘White Russian’, and ‘Kiwi Green’. Sativa strains have a much higher THC content than Indicas, which result in extra-ordinary optimism and an all-around body high. While high on Sativa, you can enjoy almost any movie that you normally like, we recommend watching some classics with sativa. Films such as Saturday Night Fever that have an energetic soundtrack works best as you will be busting moves like John Travolta in no time. Action films such as Die Hard, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, and Fast and Furious also work. Sativas also channel your brain receptors in such way that your brain fights depression, So basically any low budget National Lampoon movie will appear 10 times more funny that it actually is. We recommend our visitors to medicate with Sativas during the day because of the creativity bursts that follows with the high as it will enhance your everyday activities (even those chores that you hate). Once high on Sativa you will be mopping your kitchen floor till you see your reflection… and enjoy doing it!


Indica vs Sativa: The Hybrids

When considering Indica vs Sativa it is important to consider the third most popular strain which is the combination of both, that have mental clarity of Indica and decreased sedation effects of Sativa. These strains are called Hybrids, which commonly include strains like ‘OG Kush’, ‘Himalayan Gold’, ‘Blue Cross’, ’00 Diesel’, and ‘Kandy Kush’.

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Now that we are done with our comparison, We wish you best of luck for your colorful and vivid trip Across the Universe, which also happens to be the name of a highly entertaining musical film based on the compositions by The Beatles. Now that you can see the comparison of Indica vs Sativa (as well as the hybrids of both) pack your bowl and enjoy your stoner movies!


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